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DJ Remote

Presenting a DJ or radio station remote to promote your business can bring instant attention. Of course everything with me is a long story - which is helpful if you are a blogger and annoying if you are a husband.
I have gone to that grocery store sometimes two times a week for ten years and other than the donut shop and the liquor store I could not tell you about the other fifteen retailers in that strip center.
One day I went to the liquor store to pick up a handy six and boom boom tish boom boom pow rock and roll was howling in the air. Turns out there was a jewelry store and a mobile phone store giving up their parking spaces to a disc jockey from a local radio station.
It drew a crowd and was a win win for the stores, the station and me.
Here is how to make a success of a DJ remote event.

1. Plan it thirty days in advance.
2. Get necessary permits from your city.
3. You might think that you have enough tech and enough power to hold your own at a decent sized party with your own …

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