DJ Remote

Presenting a DJ or radio station remote to promote your business can bring instant attention.

Of course everything with me is a long story - which is helpful if you are a blogger and annoying if you are a husband.
I have gone to that grocery store sometimes two times a week for ten years and other than the donut shop and the liquor store I could not tell you about the other fifteen retailers in that strip center.
One day I went to the liquor store to pick up a handy six and boom boom tish boom boom pow rock and roll was howling in the air. Turns out there was a jewelry store and a mobile phone store giving up their parking spaces to a disc jockey from a local radio station.
It drew a crowd and was a win win for the stores, the station and me.

Here is how to make a success of a DJ remote event.

1. Plan it thirty days in advance.
2. Get necessary permits from your city.
3. You might think that you have enough tech and enough power to hold your own at a decent sized party with your own equipment - but you don't. Rent and spare no expence for quality equipment.
4. Do you know someone who is funny? Invite them to speak. Include everyone you know who can entertain, whether you like them or not - you are bringing the fun.
5. Hand out business cards, flyers and media for this client and all the other clients you might manage.
6. Can you get a couple of $50.00 or $100.00 gift cards from the jewelry or the phone store? If so, engage with the audience and have a contest. Here's an idea for a contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hold here a genuine certified gift card for the handsome some of fifty American dollars! This amazing prize is up for grabs to any of you in the audience who can walk up here, grab this microphone and tell us a joke that - And this is a deal breaker - that makes us all laugh!
The first guy gets up and tells a stupid joke and everyone groans and he slithers back to his seat in shame. The second guy tells a funny joke we've all heard before and we kind of want to laugh but we don't want him to get a $50 dollar gift card that we could have gotten telling the same joke. The DJ says "No laughs - my card! Just then a lady comes up and grabs the mic and tells a joke about her covering her check engine light with nail polish, her ass-hat boyfriend and being "a real girl" in a chatroom and everyone's on the floor.
Test the limits of this neighborhood, but be respectful, audio, video, jokes But.
7. The police might tell you to shut it down at a certain time and WILL shut you down after that and that's OK.
8. Shut it down.


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